About Banka Slovenije's exhibition room Mala galerija


More than 60 years tradition of cooperation

The Bank of Slovenia has a long tradition of working with the country’s key cultural institutions. Back in the middle of the 20th century, it set aside part of its premises in the very heart of the city to be an exhibition space, which was named the Little Gallery all the way back in 1952. It was designed to house small but carefully curated exhibitions of Slovene and foreign artists.


Mala galerija is welcoming young artist in cooperation with University of Ljubljana

This year, we have decided to rekindle the long-standing tradition and return the premises of the Little Gallery to their original purpose. Therefore in cooperation with the University of Ljubljana we are opening the doors to young artists.

This year we are planning to hold a series of seven exhibitions at the Bank of Slovenia’s Little Gallery, which will feature young artists and creatives from various colleges within the University of Ljubljana who work in fine art, sculpture, photography, design, textiles, architecture and landscape architecture, music, computer tech and acting. The exhibitions will be accompanied by a range of activities such as talks, roundtables, workshops, literary and music evenings, auctions and other events.


Open from tuesday to saturday, 11.00 - 19.00.