Banka Slovenije is the central bank of Slovenia. Our decisions are formulated and implemented independently, and as part of the Eurosystem. The fundamental objective of all of us working together in the Eurosystem is to maintain price stability. Together we safeguard financial stability and strengthen European integration.

Our mission

Helping to create a stable economic environment for a successful Slovenia, and the wellbeing of this generation and future generations.

Our values


By declaring our values, we build TRUST among our employees, and also in relationships with external stakeholders.



EXPERTISE is the foundation of our work. We employ top-level experts. We encourage staff to pursue comprehensive and targeted development. We create new knowledge and then share it.

We work INCLUSIVELY. We promote networking and collaboration. We build relationships on a foundation of trust, respect and open communication.

Our ETHICS are evident in our unbiased and equal treatment of all stakeholders, and in our actions focused on achieving our mission.



We are totally committed to fulfilling our MANDATE. We are aware of our state-building role, and the impact of our actions and decisions on the stability of the economic environment and on quality of life in Slovenia and the EU.

We pursue EFFECTIVENESS by investing our resources optimally, defining our objectives clearly, and remaining flexible and open to new ideas. We ensure the free flow of information, and the right conditions for our objectives to be properly pursued and attained.

Our focus on SUSTAINABILITY is evident in our adaptation to new circumstances and our openness to change. We take decisions after careful deliberation, taking account of the circumstances, expert opinions of all stripes, and their impact on the wellbeing of the current and future generations.



We set out CLEAR guidance and positions. We aim for transparency in our actions, processes and decisions.

We promote DIALOGUE, collaboration, and the transfer of best practices.

We promptly INFORM the profession and the general public of relevant details, and explain our decisions. We are concerned for financial literacy, and raise awareness of the importance and role of the central bank at the national and European levels.

Our vision

A progressive, collaborative, sustainability-focused central bank.

Our strategic guidelines

We will fulfil our mandate by realising our vision, within the framework provided by our strategic guidelines:

I. Developing a collaborative organisational culture

The organisational culture is a reflection of our joint commitment to professionalism, responsibility and transparency in work. We are endeavouring to develop a collaborative culture, through coordinated actions, attention to joint strategic objectives, and openness to dialogue. Our actions in the domestic environment, and the working bodies of the EU, the Eurosystem and the ESCB will be based on clear positions, the building of our profile, and the consistent pursuit of a networking role.

II. Helping our employees to grow and progress

Skilled and motivated employees are the key to our continuing development, and to the attainment of our strategic objectives. To ensure that our employees are well-connected, flexible and result-focused, we will facilitate their development in line with our business objectives. There will be a particular focus on securing and training key experts and leaders, and on their professional, personal and career development. We will continue to ensure a stable, encouraging, healthy and family-friendly working environment.

III. Working efficiently and effectively

We will continue to pursue our activities aimed at ensuring effectiveness from a developmental, organisational and cost perspective. We will manage resources carefully, seek out optimal solutions, even when rectifying deficiencies, and respond to changing circumstances by adjusting our own actions. We will continue to optimise business processes and upgrade key performance indicators for these processes.

We will undertake critical reviews of our work structures and performance from an efficiency perspective. We will strengthen our internal debate, and our ability to predict and respond to future challenges.

IV. Co-creating the digital environment

Advances in digitalisation are changing the structure of the economy and the behaviour of economic stakeholders. These changes are also having a major impact on the financial sector. In this area we act as a steerer of change and a supervisor, with the aim of ensuring financial stability and security for users of digital services.

The digitalisation of our own operations encompasses cyber resilience, effective and safe work with documents, and the optimisation of work processes. We will continue introducing advanced data processing tools, and sophisticated data analysis methods.

V. Focusing on sustainability and social responsibility

We will demonstrate our focus on sustainability and social responsibility through activities aimed at benefiting the three fundamental aspects of sustainability: economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection.

Within our mandate we will help to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement. We will actively collaborate in the development and implementation of supervisory methodologies and practices for climate and environmental risks. We will monitor the impact on macroeconomic trends from climate change and the measures to address it. We will promote the integration of climate and environmental risks into risk management frameworks and decision-making processes through dialogue with credit institutions. We will strengthen the skills of our employees in addressing the impact of climate change. We will also take account of sustainability targets in managing our own financial assets and reducing our carbon footprint.