Banka Slovenije is a proactively oriented central bank that employs experts with high ethical standards who help to shape and carry out tasks in the areas of monetary policy, banking supervision and financial stability, deposit guarantee schemes and bank resolution, the supply of cash, the smooth functioning of payment systems, and monetary and financial statistics.

Banka Slovenije is completely independent in carrying out its duties, but at the same time as a public institution it is accountable to the general public and their elected representatives. The public’s trust in Banka Slovenije and its reputation are founded on its expertise, its professional and political independence, its transparency and its decisiveness of action.

Motivated, mobile and well-trained staff are the foundation of the Banka Slovenije’s future development, and the basis for attaining its strategic objectives.

The Strategy of Banka Slovenije is the bank’s fundamental document outlining its objectives, values and development.
The current strategy was adopted at the meeting of the Governing Board in October 2014:

• Strategy of Banka Slovenije 2015-2020