Reporting on exchange operations

Under the Foreign Exchange Act (in Slovene) and the Decision on the provision of exchange operations (in Slovene), currency exchange operators, banks and savings banks are required to submit regular and ad hoc reports to the Bank of Slovenia in connection with their operations.

They are required to report on a half-yearly basis on the total volume of operations at all currency exchange points, by the 15th day of the month following the end of the half year in question. The content, form and method of the reporting are set out in detail by the Decision on the provision of exchange operations. The ad hoc reporting relates to communicating changes in data in connection with responsible persons and qualified owners, data on the number of employees providing exchange operations, and information on all changes affecting the status or operations of the currency exchange operator.

Detailed guidelines in connection with electronic transaction with the Bank of Slovenia are also relevant to reporting on exchange operations (page only in Slovene). In this respect, public PGP keys and Bank of Slovenia digital certificates are used in accordance with the appendix of the Decision on the provision of exchange operations.