Plačilni sistemi v 2020: tudi v epidemiji nemoteno delovanje; posebnosti predvsem na področju kartičnih plačil © Banka Slovenije

Payment systems in 2020: operating smoothly even in the epidemic, while card payments see the most notable changes

03/04/2021 / Press release

Last year just over 240 million payments totalling just under EUR 549 billion were settled in payment systems in Slovenia. The average payment in card payment systems was a little under EUR 50, while the average payment in the TARGET2-Slovenija large-value payment system was around EUR 485 thousand. Compared with previous years, amid the epidemic the main changes were seen in card payment systems, where the value and number of transactions were down approximately a tenth.

Vabilo na razpravo Digitalni evro – prihodnost plačevanja? © ECB

Invitation to panel discussion on the digital euro – the future of payment services?

02/25/2021 / Press release

Digitalisation has strongly impacted the financial services and payment services field in the last few years, and central banks are actively responding to this change. Banka Slovenije is also participating in activities carried out in this area within the framework of the Eurosystem. Therefore we will be holding a panel discussion on Thursday, 18 March 2021, in order to exchange viewpoints and positions regarding the challenges and opportunities that the digital euro would offer to Slovenia citizens. Applications to attend the free event will be accepted up to 16 March 2021.

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Date: 09/18/2019

Main refinancing operations: 0.00


Date: 03/04/2021

EUR/USD 1.2034
EUR/CHF 1.1114

INFLATION RATE – HICP (annual percentage changes)

Date: 01/31/2021

  • 8,66 mrd € gotovine neto je Banka Slovenije od uvedbe evra do konca leta 2019 dala v obtok.

  • 2,2 % je bil konec leta 2019 delež nedonosnih izpostavljenosti na ravni bančnega sistema.

  • 4 mrd €je ob koncu leta 2019 znašala presežna likvidnost v bančnem sistemu.

  • 1,7 %je leta 2019 v povprečju znašala skupna inflacija, merjeno s HICP.


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