Opens Doors to Young Artists


An exhibition is a place through which we can enter into the creative process. No matter how strange it sounds, in the wrong sequence, exhibiting some work retrospectively highlights conditions as conditions, processes as processes, form and content as form and content. The provisions of the creative process are unstable until through being exhibited they are organised into internal and external fields, and creating is defined through the difference between for instance working in a studio and public presentations. More precisely, the difference already arises with the different view itself, with the notion that there exists an external perspective to which the work will be subordinate. The view from outside, that viewpoint of an alien subject is destructive in nature, operating through a dual phantasm: it takes authenticity away from the work and brings sense to it.

The creative process is thus articulated through a dialectic that is driven backwards and forwards by an external field. The appearance, the laying bare, separation from the creator, the public unveiling demystify the process and transcribe it into a legible, linear order. We can suddenly follow the creative process from point to point, milestones of sense are established and directions of what is essential are determined. At the same time the linear transcription is made unavoidably complicated, knotted and cyclically returned to the starting point. And this inspires us. In its relationship to the people being addressed, the exhibition does not change its function, it cuts equally into the meat of creativity both for lay audiences and for professionals and artists. It imposes itself on everyone as a manifest thought, a present absence.

Odboj (Bounce) is the result of an exploration of ways of establishing a dialogue through an exhibition and with an exhibition, a dialogue between them, us, you and everything accumulated in between.

Mentors: Asst. Prof. Emina Djukić, Assoc. Prof. Peter Koštrun, Asst. Prof. Peter Rauch
Production: Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana
Supported by: UL Arts Council, Koroška Fine Art Gallery Slovenj Gradec, Koroška Regional Museum, Boštjan Bugarič, Avtomatik Delovišče, City of Koper, Asst. Prof. Dr Mojca Puncer, Dr Sandra Križić Roban, Prof. Alen Ožbolt, Asst. Prof. Matej Stupica, Sara Rman
MGBS Curator: Vladimir Vidmar

The gallery is open. We kindly request visitors to follow all preventive epidemiological measures.


Open from tuesday to saturday, 11.00 - 19.00.