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Ljubljana was hit by its last major earthquake in 1895. As that historic event fades into the past, there is a growing awareness of the approach of a new one. Studies and projections indicate that we are not very well prepared for an earthquake in Ljubljana.

Can the anticipated disaster also be an opportunity for the city?

In 1895 the Ljubljana mayor Ivan Hribar took advantage of the earthquake as an opportunity for renewing, refreshing and modernising the city. The post-earthquake renovations led to the creation of some of the most famous cityscapes, public open spaces and urban features of Ljubljana.

Through a common seminar topic, in the 2020/2021 academic year students of the UL Faculty of Architecture turned their attention to preventive measures, urgent responses to earthquakes and post-earthquake remediation as opportunities for redesigning and upgrading existing structures and for constructing new spaces in the city.

The assignments that were created over the entire academic year pursued various project scenarios, approaches and scopes in addressing three selected locations in Ljubljana (the centre of Ljubljana, the area of Roška and Streliška streets and the Prule area). The research and concepts that were generated look at the possibilities for spatial development of the city opened up by the inevitability of an earthquake and the issue of living in a (post-)earthquake city. In light of the earthquake threat and the age of Ljubljana’s buildings, the topics of the assignments are very relevant, with students and mentors facing a complex and weighty challenge, while for visitors to the exhibition this opens up visions of the city in terms of a subject, which despite its current relevance is insufficiently studied.

Project mentors:
Glažar seminar: Prof. Mag. Tadej Glažar, Assist. Jure Henigsman; demonstrator: Žan Ketiš
Perović seminar: Prof. Vasa Perović, Assist. Anja Vidic; demonstrator: Andraž Tufegdžić
Žnidaršič seminar: Asst. Prof. Rok Žnidaršič, Assist. Katarina Čakš; demonstrators: Petra Čoko, Astrid Magajna
Production: UL Faculty of Architecture
Curator of Mala galerija Banke Slovenije: Vladimir Vidmar

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