Banka Slovenije's exhibition room Mala galerija


Possibility We are Poisoned (Slovene: Možnost, da smo zastrupljeni) is a three-channel video work with an accompanying installation, whose title is borrowed from Diane di Prima's poem "Loba". The repeating phrase in di Prima's poem, "possibility . . ." became the starting point for  a speculative narration about the future, in which after years of being dormant fictitious seeds began to grow and impact the surrounding habitats. The fictitious seeds, which are reminiscent of ancient fossils or remnants of some sort of extraterrestrial forms, indirectly refer to the plant organisms that, under the regime of a changing climate, produce dormant seeds. Dormancy is a property that some plants developed through evolution, allowing them to survive under unfavourable conditions. It is important for the propagation of new species and the successful spread of existing ones. This project is thus related to the broader topic of a post-human future, in which hitherto unknown transformations of matter could occur.

A component part of the video work is a text displayed on a screen – a compilation of quotes from poems by Diane di Prima, Hélène Cioux, Marina Tsvetaeva, Patrícia Rehder Galvão, Sylvia Plath, María Sabina and others.

Ula Lucińska (1992, Poland) and Michał Knychaus (1987, Poland) work together as the Inside Job duo. Their practice is based on the use of different media and materials, which often leads to the creation of specific, multi-layered environments. They focus on the processes of how identities are constructed, including the identities of places, within the context of dynamic changes such as the climate crisis, technological acceleration, political shifts and growing anxiety about the unknown future. Many of their projects refer to futuristic and post-catastrophic scenarios.

2021, video installation, objects
3D and animation design: Kuba Matuszczak

Curator of the 34th Biennial of Graphic Arts: Tjaša Pogačar Podgornik
Production: International Centre of Graphic Arts
Artistic director of the biennial: Nevenka Šivavec
Curator of Mala galerija Banke Slovenije: Vladimir Vidmar

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Open from tuesday to saturday, 11.00 - 19.00.