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About exhibition

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a new universally accessible applied tool in the fields of architecture and visual communication. AI offers architects and designers innovative ways of dealing with architectural and design challenges in forming original creative solutions that up until recently were unheard of.

The aim of the research project From Word to Image was to study the processes of incorporating AI into architecture and visual communication. The message of the exhibition of the same name expresses the findings that stem from a hypothetical model: by means of AI and human knowledge we can get from word to image; based on the image, with the help of AI and human involvement we create an exhibition; designing the publication will be a synthesis of AI and human critical thinking.

The exhibition presents texts and keywords that define the previous architectural concepts and provide the foundation for 90 newly created images. These images are shown in a common matrix or in connections that address related phrases between the images. The programme language and script at the exhibition change and are transformed into images. At first the script is white on a black background, then individual coloured words herald the transformation of words into images. Just selected words are separated out from the mass of coloured words and rendered by AI into an image.

The basis for the graphic design of the promotional material for the project From Word to Image was on the one hand the architectural designs created by AI, and on the other hand the intention to present the new tool (AI) in a tangible project and all the promotional material that helps us understand the project. The ultimate finding brings with it the knowledge that in both fields – architecture and design – AI is a tool that can help create new visual worlds. The visual promotional material is built on the experience of the hypothetical model both for an analogue and digital presentation. The project has also served to demonstrate the outstanding success of collaboration between
architecture and design students.

Matic Antolovič, student, UL FA
Katarina Banko, student, UL FA
Jaša Benčič, student, UL FA
Hana Bjesedica, graduand, UL ALUO
Jan Hostnik, graduand, UL ALUO
Hana Jelovšek, graduand, UL ALUO
Strahinja Jovanović, graduand, UL ALUO
Gal Snajder, graduand, UL ALUO
Marko Stavrev, graduand, UL FA
Eva Štupnik, graduand, UL ALUO

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lucija Ažman Momirski, UL FA
Prof. Eduard Čehovin, UL ALUO
Prof. Radovan Jenko, UL ALUO
Tch. Asst. Dr. Tomaž Berčič, UL FA
Tch. Asst. Dr. Andrej Mahovič, UL FA
Work mentor: Luka Pajntar

MGBS kurator: Vladimir Vidmar
University of Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture
University of Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design




Gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday between 11am and 7pm.

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