Fees for providing payments services

Since 2007 the Bank of Slovenia has collected and published information on the fees that payment service providers established in Slovenia charge users (consumers and non-consumers) for the provision of payment services in Slovenia (archive availabe in Slovene). The purpose of publishing this information is to ensure comparability of fees and to facilitate the choice of a payment service provider for users, which the Bank of Slovenia also enables by publishing analysis of fees (in Slovene) in the area of payment services and the fee policies of banks and savings banks.

From 1 November 2018, in accordance with the Payment Services, Electronic Money Issuance Services and Payment Systems Act (in Slovene), the Bank of Slovenia provides a free comparison website giving an overview of fees for payment services recognised at EU level as representative services linked to a payment account. All other competent authorities in all EU Member States are also required to publish fees for representative services. The purpose is to give European consumers an overview of fees and thus a comparison between payment service providers at EU level, and to make it simpler to choose their preferred payment service provider within the SEPA.

Temporarily content available only in Slovene.