Education day

Banka Slovenije holds its Education Day on the last Thursday of each month. It is aimed at raising financial literacy among the general public, in particular those of primary and secondary school age, and senior citizens and pensioners.

Following the most recent economic crisis, it became evident that it is both necessary and beneficial to educate people and to raise their awareness, not only about personal finances, but also about the central bank, its functioning and mission, and its participation in the ESCB and the Eurosystem.



Education Day content

The Education Day is held at Banka Slovenije premises at Slovenska 35 in Ljubljana, where two training modules are available:

  • Module 1 - simple content: primary school students (3rd triad)
  • Module 2 - advanced content: secondary school students
    Senior citizens and pensioners can choose either module.

A general introductory presentation on the role, tasks and importance of the central bank is provided for organised groups of visitors:


What is Banka Slovenije?

When registering visitors choose one or a maximum of two additional presentations from the following list, indicating the level required:

  • What are payments, and how do they work? (Module 1 / Module 2) A complete examination of the transfer of money between two entities.
  • Implementation of monetary policy at Banka Slovenije (Module 1 / Module 2) What is monetary policy, how is it conducted, and how does it affect the economy?
  • Statistics and the Analysis and Research Department at Banka Slovenije (Module 1 / Module 2)  What data is collected, processed and analysed by Banka Slovenije, and for what purpose?
  • Banking Supervision (Module 1 / Module 2)How does Banka Slovenije conduct supervision, and what is the role of the Single Supervisory Mechanism?
  • Cash (Module 1 / Module 2)A presentation of the activities involved in issuing banknotes and coins, the amount of cash in circulation, counterfeit detection, etc.
  • Bank resolution and the deposit guarantee scheme (Module 2)How is bank resolution undertaken, and how does the deposit guarantee scheme function at banks?
  • Central Credit Register (Module 2)A presentation of the comprehensive database of information on the debts of individuals

We look forward to meeting organised groups of students and senior citizens in 2018.