The National group of stakeholders for market infrastructures for payments (hereinafter: NSD AMI-Pay) provides a platform via which the national community can discuss, consult on, participate in and join the work of the Advisory Group on Market Infrastructures for Payments (hereinafter: AMI-Pay) and is committed to implementing activities acceptable to all stakeholders in the area of payments. NSD AMI-Pay is the linking body of the Slovenian stakeholders to the Eurosystem, and as such provides proposals and expresses its position regarding matters dealt with by AMI-Pay.
NSD AMI-Pay has been set up with the aim of supporting further integration of the Slovenian financial market with the European market in the area of payments and of advising with regard to the operation and integration of market infrastructures for payments in the Eurosystem and associated projects.
NSD AMI-Pay replaces and, taking account of the principles for the operation of national stakeholder groups as confirmed by AMI-Pay, builds upon the former competence of the National group of users of the TARGET2-Slovenija payment system (NSU-T2). The competences, activities and method of operation of NSD AMI-Pay are defined in detail in the mandate and operating procedures.

The participants in the AMI-Pay NSG are:

  • Bank of Slovenia
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Bank Association of Slovenia
  • KDD d. d.
  • Bankart d. o. o.
  • banks and savings bank