Electronic data interchange on cash transactions - CashEDI


CashEDI represents a list of recommendations on usage of GS1 standard in cash logistics. By using predefined system of identification and electronic communication between business partners, CashEDI enables faster and more effective exchange of information, including the tracking of every single unit of the shipment.

European central bank has adopted GS1 standard on cash logistics as one of the two available standards used in cross-border cash transactions. In 2013, Bank of Slovenia implemented GS1 standard in its cash operations, making the electronic data interchange based on GS1 standard the only option of electronic communication with Slovenian central bank. Bank of Slovenia is strong on belief that GS1 standard improves the effectiveness and security of cash logistics operations.

On 1st of January 2017 Rules on the transport and protection of cash and other valuable shipments came into operation, in which Ministry of the Interior directs the usage of ISO/IEC 15459 standards on identification and tracking of cash shipments. After 3-year transitional period, use of the standard will be obligatory for all licence holders.

To gain as many positive effects of standardisation as possible, Bank of Slovenia promotes the use of GS1 standard on all levels of cash logistics supply chain.


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