Banka Slovenije action to limit climate change and its impact

04/25/2024 / Press release

Within its mandate, Banka Slovenije is committed to playing its full part in limiting climate change and its impact, and in meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. This was the motive for drawing up the Climate plan for 2024-2026, which focuses on implementing the strategic guidelines in the area of climate change and environmental protection. There are five key pillars to the plan:

  1. increasing the banking system’s resilience to the financial risks inherent in climate change;
  2. incorporating climate change into analysis of the macroeconomic environment and monetary policy transmission;
  3. using statistics and indicators related to climate change in various areas;
  4. managing financial assets to improve the indicators of social responsibility and sustainability over the medium term;
  5. reducing our own adverse impact on the environment.

Greater efforts are needed, given the increasing impact of climate change on the economy and the financial system. The climate plan for 2024–2026 is presented in detail on this link (undergoing translation), while the actions that we are undertaking within the framework of the ECB are highlighted on the ECB website.