Complaints by users of financial services

As part of its supervisory activity, Banka Slovenije also monitors how supervised entities provide banking and financial services in relation to their users.

The complaints process for users of financial services is intended for legal entities and individuals who believe that a supervised entity subject to Banka Slovenije supervision (a bank, savings bank, payment institution, electronic money institution, payment system operator, currency exchange operator or credit intermediary for real estate) has breached the applicable regulations in providing banking or financial services.

The provision of banking and financial services in relation to users is governed by the Payment Services, Electronic Money Issuance Services and Payment Systems Act (ZPlaSSIED), the Consumer Credit Act (ZPotK-2), the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-1), the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act (ZPPDFT-2), the Central Credit Register Act (ZCKR) and the Deposit Guarantee Scheme Act (ZSJV). 

Filing a complaint online allows for the secure exchange of information and documentation, for which reason we advise you to also send us the relevant documentation along side a description of the situation to make the handling of your complaint more effective. Your complaint can be updated at any time by using the unique code that you receive when first submitting the complaint. 

While handling your complaint Banka Slovenije may request additional information from you, or may obtain it directly from supervised entities. It is not possible to make a complaint anonymously. Should you wish to remain anonymous, you have the option of submitting a whistleblowing report against the supervised entity.

As far as it falls under Banka Slovenije’s remit, your complaint will be examined and discussed by our staff, who will draw up a response for you. The nature of the response depends on the information and documentation submitted, and the options chosen in the online form.

If you want us to send you a response that also includes your personal data, it will be sent via a secured pathway, for which we need your telephone number. Banka Slovenije is required to properly protect personal data and confidential information when handling complaints. The telephone number is not a required item of information. Should you file your complaint without a telephone number, we will send you a more generic response.

In drawing up its responses, Banka Slovenije takes into account that resolving specific disputes under contractual relationships (between customers and banks or other supervised entities) is the duty of the competent court.