400 years anniversary of the battle at Sisak (1993)

In the history of the Slovene nation there have been significant events which deserve to be particularly commemorated. Among them, there is the victory of Christian troops over the Turks in the battle fought in 1593 at Sisak, which means that to this year 1993, 400 years have elapsed since that event.

The battle in question ended many years´ threat of Turkish forays into Europe which hindered development of the then Carniola. Slovene knights, together with their troops did not retreat when numerically superior Turkish troops were assaulting the city of Sisak which was courageously repelling their attacks.

The fortress, located at the confluence of the rivers Sava and Kolpa was an important strategic point on the outskirts of Europe. Slovene troops, which were led by Andrej, count of Turjak and by Adam Ravbar, a nobleman, together with Croatian troops won on 22nd June 1593 a convincing victory.

The battle of Sisak remains one of the most famous exploits of the Slovene nation in its centuries-long engagement with the Turks. To commemorate this anniversary, the Republic of Slovenia has decided to issue the following three memorial coins. On the coins are depicted the motifs that symbolise that splendid historic victory by which, practically, the whole of the then Europe was relieved of great danger:

  • a gold coin with a nominal value of 5000 Tolars, a weight of 7 grams, a diameter of 24 mm and a purity of 900/1000, in a quantity of 2,000 coins;
  • a silver coin with a nominal value of 500 Tolars, a weight of 15 grams, a diameter of 32 mm and a purity of 925/1000, in a quantity of 5,000 coins;
  • a circulation coin with a nominal value of 5 Tolars, a weight of 6.4 grams, a diameter of 26 mm, made of Cu-Zn-Ni alloy, in a quantity of 100,000 pieces.

Author of the rough-cast design: Danilo Riznar, Ljubljana.
Pruduction and mintage: International Company Zlatarna Celje (gold coins and silver coins) and Statna mincovna Kremnica, Slovakia (circulation coins)