20th anniversary of Slovenia's independence (2011)

Based on the Slovenian nation's right to self determination, more than 88% of Slovenes voted for a sovereign and independent Slovenia at a referendum held in December 1990. This decision was followed by events that represented a breakthrough in the history of the Slovenian nation.

Slovenia became a sovereign and independent country on 25 June 1991, when the Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the Basic Constitutional Charter on the Sovereignty and Independence of the Republic of Slovenia, the constitutional act for its implementation and the Declaration of Independence. With these documents, Slovenia assumed the responsibilities of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the territory of Slovenia, recognised existing borders, and guaranteed the protection of the human rights of all citizens and minority groups, as well as the special protection set out in international treaties. Slovenia also introduced its own currency, the tolar, on 8 October 1991 with the Monetary Unit of the Republic of Slovenia Act. Independent Slovenia's first constitution was adopted by the Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia on 23 December 1991.
Slovenia joined the international community, and was accepted as the 176th member of the United Nations in May 1992. In March 2004 Slovenia became a member of NATO and a European Union Member State in May 2004. The euro became Slovenia's legal tender on 1 January 2007, following the fulfilment of convergence criteria and the adoption of the Euro Introduction Act. Slovenia is a signatory of the Schengen Agreement, which it began implementing at land and sea border crossings in December 2007.
Over the last 20 years, Slovenia has undertaken a challenging journey to build a new political and economic system, and establish itself on the world stage. To commemorate this anniversary, Slovenia is issuing collector coins depicting three summits representing Mount Triglav, the most distinctive symbol of Slovenia.

 Original design: Domen Fras, Ljubljana 
Minting: Mint of Finland, Vantaa, Finland.


Gold coin Silver coin

Nominal value: EUR 100
Weight: 7 g
Diameter: 24 mm
Purty: Au 900/1000
Issued: 2,500 coins

Nominal value: EUR 30 
Weight: 15 g
Diameter: 32 mm
Purty: Ag 925/1000
Issued: 3,500 coins
Put up for sale: 20 June 2011 Put up for sale: 20 June 2011
Collector bi-coloured coin

Nominal value: EUR 3
Weight: 15 g
Diameter: 32 mm
Alloy: centre 75 Cu 25 Ni / ring 78 Cu 20 Zn 2 Ni
Issued: 300,000 coins

Put up for sale: 20 June 2011. 


Bi-coloured collector coin (special packaging)

The Bank of Slovenia has prepared a special €3 proof bi-coloured collector coin issued to mark 20th anniversary of Slovenia`s independence:

  • 4,000 coins mounted in card and

  • 5,000 coins in special packaging (capsule).

They are on sale from 20 June 2011.


The list of Banka Slovenije's numismatic products and their availability as well as their price can be found at the following web page.