Survey on access to financing

03/13/2024 / Press release

Access to financing was again one of the least important limiting factors faced by firms in 2023. Firms continued to be most curtailed by inflation, production and labour costs, and domestic demand. The firms in the survey on access to financing for 2023 report a net increase in demand for almost all types of external financing, but at the same time assess access to financing as having worsened for almost all types. They cite the deterioration in the price terms of bank financing as the reason for this assessment. Fewer firms therefore opted for external financing, either assessing that they have sufficient internal resources, or deciding to postpone their investment projects.

Banka Slovenije has been conducting its survey on access to financing for firms since 2011. The survey aims to measure the opinions of firms with regard to the state of the financing market, and provides a useful backup to the information obtained from banks.