Commemorative coins and set of 2023 euro coins in BU quality on sale from 19 December

12/05/2023 / Press release

The commemorative coins marking the 150th anniversary of the birth of Josip Plemelj and the set of euro coins minted in 2023 of BU quality are being released by Banka Slovenije on 19 December. The online orders have been reserved, and will be available for pickup at selected pickup points until 5 January 2024. Information about the pickup of the commemorative coins and the coin sets of proof quality will be provided later.

This year Banka Slovenije has again allowed individuals and businesses to order the numismatic products for the year in advance, and orders of commemorative coins and coin sets of BU quality can be picked up between 19 December 2023 and 5 January 2024 at the selected pickup point. These BU quality products will also be freely available for sale from 19 December.

Figure 1: National side of the commemorative coin marking the 150th anniversary of the birth of Josip Plemelj


As usual, all the products will be on sale at the Banka Slovenije counters, at selected branches of Deželna banka Slovenije, and at Moro & Kunst. The prices of numismatic products can be found on the following link, while enquiries about the quantities for free sale should be directed to the point of sale.

Production issues and delays mean that the proof quality items will only be available for pickup at a later date. We will announce the release date of these items as soon as it is known. There will also be a 14-day window to pick up these items, which will be determined later.

For customers who do not want to pick up their reserved items at two different pickup times (the BU quality items first, and the proof quality items later), we will also offer a 14-day window for picking up the reserved items of BU quality when the proof items are available for pickup.