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Application for staff scholarship of Banka Slovenije

08/05/2020 / Press release

Banka Slovenije invites applications for staff scholarships for upcoming academic year 2020/21. Students in second level of master's programs of business IT, financial mathematics, economy, banking and financial field, law and other similar fields can apply.

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Monthly report on bank performance

08/05/2020 / Publications

The deteriorating economic situation due to the Covid-19 epidemic is gradually being reflected in bank performance. The growth of loans is declining, both household as well as corporate loans. Household and corporate deposits at banks have risen sharply this year. Non-performing exposures have been decreasing throughout the first half of the year.

Mobilna aplikacija Moj SISBON omogoča vpogled v podatke o vaši zadolženosti kjerkoli in kadarkoli © Banka Slovenije

Mobile application Moj SISBON enables you to monitor your indebtedness anywhere and anytime

07/20/2020 / Press release

Banka Slovenije operates the information exchange system about indebtedness of physical persons called SISBON. Now you can monitor your indebtedness also with mobile application Moj SISBON.

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Date: 09/18/2019

Main refinancing operations: 0.00


Date: 08/06/2020

EUR/USD 1.1843
EUR/CHF 1.0759

INFLATION RATE – HICP (annual percentage changes)

Date: 07/31/2020

  • 8,66 mrd € gotovine neto je Banka Slovenije od uvedbe evra do konca leta 2019 dala v obtok.

  • 2,2 % je bil konec leta 2019 delež nedonosnih izpostavljenosti na ravni bančnega sistema.

  • 4 mrd €je ob koncu leta 2019 znašala presežna likvidnost v bančnem sistemu.

  • 1,7 %je leta 2019 v povprečju znašala skupna inflacija, merjeno s HICP.


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Discover the New 100 EUR and 200 EUR Banknotes

New design of the 100 EUR and 200 EUR banknotes, which will enter into circulation on 28 May 2019. The new banknotes has enhanced security features and comes in more vibrant colours.

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