Financial statements of the ECB for 2023

02/22/2024 / Press release

The European Central Bank’s (ECB’s) audited financial statements for 2023 show a loss of €1,266 million (2022: zero) which will be carried forward on the ECB’s balance sheet to be offset against future profits. This loss takes into account the full release of the provision for financial risks, amounting to €6,620 million, which partially covered losses incurred during the year. There will be no profit distribution to the euro area national central banks (NCBs) for 2023.

The press release, the Annual Accounts and the Consolidated Balance Sheet of the Eurosystem are available on the ECB's website. How profit or potential loss is generated, or from which sources of the central bank revenue is generated, is explained on the following link.

Details of Banka Slovenije's performance in the past year will be available in the upcoming months. They will be disclosed in the context of the publicly published Annual Report and Annual Accounts prepared in accordance with the Accounting Guideline.