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7 July 2015

Economic growth in Slovenia strengthened again in the first quarter, significantly outpacing overall growth in the euro area. The recovery in domestic consumption, which is being constrained by the situation on the labour market and restrictive fiscal policy, remains sharply behind the overall recovery in the euro area.
More: Press release; Summary of macroeconomic developments, July 2015

The stock of newly approved corporate loans has begun to record growth
27 May 2015

Several indicators in recent months point to a possible reversal in lending to the non-banking sector. The stock of newly approved corporate loans, particularly long-term loans, has begun to record growth. Credit risk remains one of the major risks in banking system, albeit to a lesser extent than a year ago.  That are some conclusions of the Financial Stability Review (May 2015), discussed at the meeting of the Governing Board of the Bank of Slovenia on 26 May 2015.

Top News
ECB Press Release: ELA to Greek banks maintained
6 July 2015

ECB Press Release after Governing Council meeting on 6 July 2015

New Working Paper Published by Bank of Slovenia: The role of firm size and age in employment growth: evidence for Slovenia, 1996-2013 (B. Banerjee, M. Jesenko)
21 July 2015

Using a nonparametric regression approach, this paper examines the role of firm size and firm age in net employment growth and the differential response of firms to the business cycle. With age control, the relationship between net employment growth and firm size is positive but diminishes with firm size. Young firms exhibit higher job creation and destruction rates and higher net employment growth rates than mature firms. Small and young firms are more sensitive with regard to net employment growth to the cyclical downturn than large and old firms.

New collector coins on sale
15 June 2015

On the 500th anniversary of the first Slovenian printed text, the Republic of Slovenia is issuing collector’s coins depicting a facsimile of the Slovenian text on the leaflet printed in 1515. They are on sale from 15 June 2015.

ECB: Monetary policy decisions
3 June 2015

At today’s meeting the Governing Council of the ECB decided that the interest rate on the main refinancing operations and the interest rates on the marginal lending facility and the deposit facility will remain unchanged at 0.05%, 0.30% and -0.20% respectively.

The bank resolution fund established
3 April 2015

At end of March 2015, pursuant to the Bank Resolution Authority and Fund Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 97/14), the Bank of Slovenia established a special fund for bank resolution. Press release.

Spring Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank Group
17 April 2015

Governor Boštjan Jazbec will attend the meeting of the International Monetary and Financial Committee  and a number of bilateral meetings. More in Press release.

PSPP securities lending
7 April 2015

As of 2 April 2015, the securities purchased under the public sector purchase programme (PSPP) are made available for securities lending in a decentralized manner by a number of Eurosystem central banks.

Report on the causes of the capital shortfalls of banks
1 April 2015

At its session of 30 January 2015 the National Assembly adopted the Resolution in connection with the activities of the Bank of Slovenia regarding the recovery and resolution of the banking system. Bank of Slovenia prepared special REPORT.

Results of the 2014 Wage Dynamics Network Survey in Slovenia
10 March 2015

We present the results of a survey conducted by the Bank of Slovenia in conjunction with the European System of Central Banks in May 2014. The results are based on approximately 1300 responses of firms in the nonagricultural business sector.

IMF Staff Report in the context of the 2014 Article IV consultation with Slovenia
19 February 2015

The IMF team visited Slovenia from 2 to 12 December 2014. During these consultations assessment of economic and financial developments and discussions on country's economic and financial policies take place. More information in Press release.

17 July 2014

The policy priorities for putting the economy on a solid sustainable growth path are:

  1. the efficiency of the legislation and judiciary system;
  2. deleveraging and restructuring of enterprises;
  3. restoring the banks' balance sheets and establishing more sustainable foundations for financial stability;
  4. reinforcing the long-term sustainability of public finances
Financial Data
Exchange rates 31.7.2015
EUR/USD 1,0967
EUR/CHF 1,0565
ECB interest rates 10.9.2014
Main refinancing operations, fixed rate 0,05

Exchange rates and precious metals prices

Interest rates

Key Figures

million EUR of founding assets has Bank Resolution Fund.
Source: Bank of Slovenia

2,2 %
Slovenia GDP growth is projected for 2015.   

Source: Summary of macroeconomic developments with projections, April 2015


New publications

· The role of firm size and age in employment growth: evidence for Slovenia, 1996-2013 (Biswajit Banerjee, Manca Jesenko).

· Summary of macroeconomic developments, July 2015

· Arjana Brezigar-Masten, Igor Masten, Matjaž Volk: Discretionary credit rating and bank stability in a financial crisis 1/2015

· Economic and financial developments, April 2015

· Summary of macroeconomic developments with projections, April 2015

· Monthly Bulletin March 2015: Vol. XXIV No. 3

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