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National Payments Council

The Bank of Slovenia plays multiple roles in the payment system area. On the one hand, it supervises the payment service providers, ensures the stability of individual payment system participants, oversees the security and efficiency of payment systems, supervises their operators and operates a payment system that facilitates the settlement of transactions in central bank money and, on the other hand, it promotes the activities of market participants to enhance competition and foster development. In this last role, it acts as a catalyst to overcome the coordination problems among market participants that may hinder the attainment of common objectives. Acting as a liaison between the service providers and users, the Bank of Slovenia is able to guide the development of the payment services market in Slovenia in accordance with the Eurosystem policy and to obtain adequate information from the key market stakeholders.

Thanks to its unique institutional position as part of the public authorities, as a neutral institution and as an active market participant having numerous relations with other market participants, the Bank of Slovenia has established the National Payments Council to provide a dialogue between all key stakeholders in the payment services market. Appropriate dialogue and consultation between the market stakeholders are essential for the proper functioning of the payment services market.

The National Payments Council has been set up to help facilitate consensus on payments-related topics and to help identify any feasible measures to improve the situation in the payment services area and payments in general, both at the level of Slovenia and the European Union.

Secretariat NPC
Slovenska 35
1505 Ljubljana
Phone: + 386 1 471 95 74
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