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Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Information on Deposit Guarantee

Under the Deposit Guarantee Scheme of the Republic of Slovenia and in line with the Banking Act (ZBan-1),
deposits in banks or saving banks with the headquarters in Republic of Slovenia are covered up to EUR 100,000


The calculation of the guaranteed deposit amount for • individual persons (including minors), • legal entities, • individual person, engaged in business activities, and • entrepreneurs takes into consideration the total balance of deposits of an individual depositor expressed in euros or foreign currency in a bank or savings bank on the commencement date of the bankruptcy procedure for that bank or savings bank.

In the event of bankruptcy of any bank or saving bank with the headquarters in Republic of Slovenia, the guaranteed deposits will be paid out within 20 working days (exceptionally within 30 working days) from the commencement date of the bankruptcy procedure.
They will be paid out by the successor bank, determined by the Bank of Slovenia. The guaranteed deposits in foreign currencies shall be paid in euro- equivalent amount at the rate of exchange published by the Bank of Slovenia effective as on the commencement date of bankruptcy procedure.

Guaranteed deposits in foreign currencies will be paid out in euros after conversion at the exchange rate published by the Bank of Slovenia for the day that bankruptcy proceedings are initiated.

Public notice of the Bank of Slovenia and the Slovenian Banking Association about the deposit guarantee in the Republic of Slovenia is published at the premises of banks and savings banks.

A list of banks and savings banks established in Slovenia is available at:

Deposits at banks (credit institutions) from Member States of the European Economic Area (i.e. including EU Member States) that provide banking services in Slovenia directly or via a branch are guaranteed under the deposit guarantee schemes in the country where the bank is established. A list of credit institutions from the EEA can be found at

More information about the deposits covered by the deposit guarantee and about the functioning of the Deposit Guarantee Scheme in Slovenia can be found under FAQs about the Deposit Guarantee Scheme.


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